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Tech Reads: Siri Gets Smarter at Home

At the beginning of the year, I decided to only buy Apple HomeKit-compatible smart home products going forward, if for no other reason than simplicity. In doing so, I soon realized that I was really slacking when it came to using Siri to control my devices. After a lot of work, I still don’t consider myself a Siri expert, although I’m getting closer to that goal. So much so, that I published “How to Use Siri With Your Smart Home Devices” over at MakeUseOf.com. Think of it as a modest cheatsheet for Siri commands. Quote: “Siri commands are a useful...


Something New, Everything in One Place

What is the Tech Media Minute? I’ve been writing about technology for a long time as a freelancer at AppAdvice, MakeUseOf, and other publications.¬†For 15 years before, I worked on hardware and software development in various industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, and education. I’d now like to use this experience to create something new on the internet. The Tech Media Minute will initially¬†serve as a place where I can comment further on articles I’ve written elsewhere. In time, I expect to put new content here too and maybe bring on some contributors. Come back often and see what develops. I can’t...